Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Logos with their Hidden Meanings

logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Every company tries that their LOGO SAYS IT ALL. They try to explain their profession the best via logo or something meaningful or relevant to their business.
Logo Designers know the hidden meaning behind the logo designed. Hidden message in the the logo has a significant impact on the company's image. Logo can make or Break a Company..
Here are few examples have a hidden message within it..


So, what is so special about this logo..? Just a name of a company with a smile kind of a thing..?
Wait a second, its much more than what we think.. This yellow color smile kind of a thing is an arrow that shows from A to Z.. This is what amazon does.. This shows that amazon deals with everything and anything.. Smile essentially implicates the happy emotions of the customer..

8 Fish

How many fishes can you see..? As it's name says, 8..!! This great concept was designed for a sushi restaurant by designer Jerron Ames, Copyright, Arteis. This logo is a fab example of using a negative space. 


With the word FedEx, the only thing comes in our mind is the courier company. You must be thinking that what is so different about this logo..? Many few of us must have noticed the hidden meaning in this logo..
If you notice it carefully, you will see an arrow between E and X pointing towards right. This shows the speed and accuracy at which this world famous courier company provides its services..

Baskin Robbins

All time place for ice-cream lovers.. The old logo had number 31 with an arc above it.. New logo had gone a way ahead.. The pink part of the letter ''BR'' shows number 31 which refers to the 31 flavors it offers.. 
Pretty good..!! 

Formula 1

Here comes the Speedy thing.. At first glance you will think that this logo doesn't make much sense, but it has justified the meaning of race completely.. Here you can see number ''1'' between the letter F and the red stripes.. It stands for Formula One.. The red stripes shows Speed..

Piano Forest

This logo has both, piano and forest shown in it.. The tress shows forest and the silhouettes of trees takes the place of black keys of the piano.. Perfect..!!


Toblerone is a chocolate company in Bern, Switzerland. Bern is sometimes called ''City of Bears''.. They have incorporated this in their logo.. If you look closely, you will find a bear camouflaged in the mountain..
Gotcha Bear..!! 

Hope for African Children Initiative

What do you see here..? an African map..? or the human figures..? 
If you notice carefully, you will see the faces of two children forming the African map.. Cool..!! 


Unilever is one of the biggest company producing different products like food, beverages, daily care products and much more.. If u study logo closely, you will find that each core of it symbolizes the company..
For Example: The heart represents love, care and good health, Bird shows freedom..


Carrefour is the biggest European retailer for crossroads.. The logo justifies the word with two arrows on the opposite side.. They have also used first letter of the company ''C'' between the arrows..


NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is one of the biggest American television Networks.. The Peacock in this logo has 6 different feathers which signifies six different division of the company at the time when logo was created.. Peacock head is slipped towards right to show it is looking forward and not backward..

SONY vaio

It is well known brand for laptops.. Many of us are using it but do we know the hidden meaning behind it..?
Well, the first two letters shows the basic analog signal and the last two letters shows digit 1 and 0, representing digital signal..

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