Thursday, 31 May 2012

Facebook users will vote for the next Coke’s Vitaminwater addition

Owned by Coco-Cola, Vitaminwater has started a new campaign to promote a functional water brand.. Vitaminwater has launched new Facebook app to get its next flavor of its drink range..
The app monitors the buzz all around the world from Google news, twitter, flickr and food blog foodgwaker to choose the top ten flavors of tht moment..

Now users themselves can create the new flavour, indicate prefered functional requirementsm suggest a name for the new beverage, as well as design a label and provide copy for the bottle. This can be easily done by answering the questions on

The more a flavour is talked about the more likely it will make the final top ten list. Facebook users will then be invited to vote for their favourite flavour in theflavour creator lab, which will be released for sale in March next year.

The winning design will be selected by Vitaminwater's celebrity partners 50 Cent and Carrie Underwood. The new flavour and label will be announced in December with the winning designer taking home $5000 for their efforts.

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